Youth Voice & Activism

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Y&H Regional Youth Climate Assembly 

The Regional Youth Climate Assembly (RYCA) is a climate action group for young people across Yorkshire & Humber. It was established in April 2020 and helped set up by the Youth Work Unit, myself and many other youth councillors across the region. We have since been involved in many local, regional and international projects such as presenting at COP26 and being active commissioners in the Yorkshire & Humber Climate Commission. 

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Rotherham Youth Cabinet

In Rotherham Youth Cabinet I campaign on issues that are specific to Rotherham young people. We work closely with councillors, schools and directors to help influence local action within our communities. 

RYC provides the foundation for further regional and national work/ youth representation. 

South Yorkshire Youth Combined Authority

The South Yorkshire Mayoral Youth Combined Authority is a group that help scrutinises the SYMCA and the Mayor through direct youth involvement and influence. The board consists of young representatives from the four constituent areas of South Yorkshire and allows for young people to shape local/ regional decision making. 

Some of the most noticeable works and successes of my involvement in the SYMCA's Youth Combined Authority is the shaping of concessionary travel fares for young people across South Yorkshire which occurred to the 'Zoom Beyond Travel Pass' being introduced in 2021 and the SYMCAs commitment to free buss fares for U/18s in their Bus Service Improvement Plan 2021. 

National Youth Combined Authority

The National Youth Combined Authority is a newly established group designed to collectively work with all metro mayors across devolved England. 

Here we take the lead on a democratic youth renaissance and work with young people from different youth combined authorities across the country.